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Easters coming!

And time for some new cards!! Here are some Easter cards I worked on for my family, my mother in law loves Easter, its her favorite holiday so I had to make sure I made her a card. Then my niece, needs one too!! I am also including in this post some pictures of the kids, so Lisa can see!! 🙂 They are my world, and Lisa loves to see how they are growing, so here ya are girl, some new piccies of the beautiful children I love more than anything!

Advertisements has a song inspired never done one based on a song..
since I had never done a challenge based on a song, I figured it was embracing the true word of CHALLENGE. I took inspiration from the “red roses” and the “colors of the rainbow so pretty”

I hope you enjoy! I had fun with this card! Took forever for the stickles to dry tho! LOL has a challenge to use something recycled on our card! has a picture inspired challenge! So I combined the two fo these…the recycled element on my card for spoonfull of sugar is the ribbon that I took off of a gift bag from my baby shower! For the picture I was inspired by the bird cages and the soft green!!!

New leaf for spring!!

Well here I sit, its… my baby girl is already coming up on 3 months in this world..and my son is growing like a weed as well. My marriage will celebrate 4 years this summer, and 5 years since we met! I cannot believe how fast time goes. I love making cards more than layouts lately, and you guys get to see what I create! I have so many ideas floating around in my head its fantastic, but hard to get them all out while taking care of my awesome children. I recently decided also, to not let the negativity get me down, but to strive forward to be a better me. I am still hurting, but learning that dealing with the hurt and letting it go, is alot better than holding it in.

On that note, a new spring leaf for me has bloomed. Great positive energy, fun challenges to complete, some awesome scrapbooking pages..all in all a great happy NEW SPRING!

So with a SPRING in my step, I say HAPPY CRAFTING!


Cath has a song inspired never done one based on a is the song :

I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue and clouds of white The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night And I think to myself what a wonderful world. The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky Are also on the faces of people going by I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do They’re really saying I love you. I hear babies cry, I watch them grow They’ll learn much more than I’ll never know And I think to myself what a wonderful world Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world. has a challenge to use something recycled on our card! has a picture inspired challenge!

Life gets away from you!

Isn’t it crazy to think where time goes? I am going to be getting my crafty Cath self back sooner or later. For the time being, I ask for a bit of patience while I get better! I might do an odd challenge, or an odd project here or there, but really time isn’t on my side lately. I am now mother to 2 angels, one who needs to be fed and changed a lot more frequently than her older brother! She is also just getting over her 2 month shots, and very clingy and very grumpy! I hope that you will be patient til I get back!

Crafty Cath signing off for a bit and wishing you all the best in your creative endevours. And again, I ask for the negative comments to stop, I think I know where they are coming from, as they are all the same IP address.. and might have to change blogs and start new..which I hate doing but I will have to if this keeps up. Thanks again for the positive support for those of you who aren’t negative ninnys!


2 Valentines!

Here are 2 Valentine’s Day Cards I made today! Enjoy!! had the following sketch : and beside it is my card, based on the sketch. I used my cute magnolia birthday wish stamp, copics and stickles to colour, dp from my scrap stash for the square, bazzill in butter yellow for the oval, adhesive pearls for accents, old vintage lace from the thrift store, and my sentiment is from my favorite things.  I love this card, I think I’m back in my creative groove! love and hugs, and please comment, I love hearing feedback!

Happy Scrappy Days,


A wedding card! has a challenge to make our best wedding cards…there is the possibility to be published in Scrapbook Trends CARDS mag! I tried it in my friends wedding colours!! I will attempt again this afternoon after both kiddos are napping..but here is the first one I tried! I hope you like it! I used Cricut cardstock as the base, DCWV wedding paper as a matte on the page, primas, flowers cut with my cricut in shimmery irradescent velum, using George cartridge, and stickles to add a bit of glitter. Then I stamped my sentiment (from inkadinkadoo), and cut it out with a circle punch from Marvy, and distressed the edges a bit!

A few new pages!

Well I got in my groove, and made 2 pages!! The first one is of Abigail, in an outfit she got a million times at her baby shower. I bought her one! I love the outfit. I painstakingly tried to recreate the bib’s horse and look in the layout! Not sure how good it is, but I think alright! The 2nd layout is of Zachary and Abby in their BIG BRO/ little sister shirts I got them at Gymboree! I love the shirts and the layout!! Enjoy!