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New leaf for spring!!

Well here I sit, its… my baby girl is already coming up on 3 months in this world..and my son is growing like a weed as well. My marriage will celebrate 4 years this summer, and 5 years since we met! I cannot believe how fast time goes. I love making cards more than layouts lately, and you guys get to see what I create! I have so many ideas floating around in my head its fantastic, but hard to get them all out while taking care of my awesome children. I recently decided also, to not let the negativity get me down, but to strive forward to be a better me. I am still hurting, but learning that dealing with the hurt and letting it go, is alot better than holding it in.

On that note, a new spring leaf for me has bloomed. Great positive energy, fun challenges to complete, some awesome scrapbooking pages..all in all a great happy NEW SPRING!

So with a SPRING in my step, I say HAPPY CRAFTING!




Ok so this weekend Ian let me pop into Michaels… as I haven’t been scrapbook store shopping in forever… I swore to myself I would not buy any of the following : a. stamps, b. punches and c. paper.  Well I ended up with 2 Martha Stewart border punches.. the drippy goo, and the icicle one. I have wanted the drippy goo for eons..and have never seen it locally, so I snagged a coupon opportunity!! So then I get home, with my new goodies..excited to play and I have lost my mojo. YIKES!  HELLLLLLLLLO Mojo? Where did you go? It was gone… I think it was somewhere in the abyss of my I spent all day Sunday cleaning and reorganizing, as the previous post full of pictures shows. I then sat down to create.. and well whattya know? I found my mojo… I guess it was buried under all my STUFF! I am very pleased with the outcome of my room now, and hope to keep it this clean!!! In cleaning tho, I realized I do not need ANYTHING new…for a very long long time. The only 2 things on my wish list right now are A Childs Year and Ashlynn’s Alphabet from Cricut…and for those I will have to wait til they go on sale, as 129.99 is a bit much per cartridge!

I did make a scrapbook page last night, my gf found a pic of a layout she cased, and wanted us to attempt to do it. It turned out beautiful, and it is going to be framed and added to our picture wall in my front sitting room! I will post a picture of it later today!

Today is filled with my friend Marie coming out and stamping and crafting for a bit, then I promised Zachary I would take him to the park for a while! It’s all great and happy around these parts!

I have attached a picture of me at 20 weeks pregnant for you to see…its a picture I think I will scrapbook in the near future!

here is the proof that mine does get messy too…and some other piccys too! 😉


Well, maybe its pregnancy, but I am just not happy with my room layout rightnow!! ARGGGGGGH! Cannot get inspired for the life of me. Sooooooooooo we are trying some MORE revamping!! I dunno what gives..maybe I have too much stuff.. I am just trying to find a way to make it all fit and be used!!

I cannot tell you how happy I am that the weekend is finally here! It seems like with Canada Day on Wednesday, it broke up the week, but made it feel like a short weekend, then Ian went back to work…so it! It does get alot better tho, hubby has to work tomorrow for a while..then we have our family portraits at 4pm, followed by DATE NIGHT!! YEEHAW! We are going to The Keg for supper, and then to see Transfomers in IMAX!! WOOT WOOT!! SOOOOOOO AWESOME!! I am going to craft tonight, and play with my goodies!! I cannot wait to get into my room and see what wonders I can create! I was invited last minute, to a wedding potluck bridal shower next week, and I think I will make the bride some thank you cards…what bride doesnt need those right? I don’t “know” the bride all that fact, I have only chatted with her online..but my dear heart Elana is her maid of honour so she can’t be that bad *grins*! Melissa was supposed to drop my Stampin Up stuff off on Wednesday, but she was she might end up doing it tomorrow! YAY!

Well have a happy weekend, and to all my American friends… HAPPY 4th of JULY!

Edited with my card!!! sketch challenge (pic below) combined with to BLING IT! as well as a colour combo from splitcoaststampers I came up with this card!


Good morning everyone! I am up way too early today…Zachary (my lovely 2 1/2 year old angel) slept in yesterday, so its only natural he was up with the sun rising this morning. So I am a bit tired, and feeling kinda poopy. This light bedrest thing is better than strict bedrest tho, in that, I can do some challenges again!! So I went to the daily dare, as I always used to BEFORE BEDREST, and found the following fun challenges : has a wicked sketch to try…ICS23 has the challenge to BLING IT!

Splitcoaststampers has a colour challenge : Kraft, So saffron and Night of Navy (interesting..we will have to see if I a. have these colours, and b. how I can create with them lol)

So thats what I found… now when Zachary is either playing alone, or napping I will attempt these… I am on my own today, no husband here…*sigh* so I cannot just go and retreat into my room!! However, tomorrow is Canada Day, a national holiday here, and my dear heart friend Melissa is bringing me my Stampin Up order, plus the stuff to create the cards I missed at our club, due to being on bedrest!! YAY! Ohhh and she is bringing me the new Stampin Up catalog.. I CANNOT WAIT to see the goodies inside!! I already know I want some of the designer paper I saw on Lisa W’s newest card, on her blog ! She is truly my inspiration!!!!

We saw our baby! OH MY GOODNESS!! WOW!! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! IT HAS A HEARTBEAT ALREADY!!! IT’S ABOUT 20mm’s LONG AND LOOKS LIKE A LIL PEANUT! hehe! I am so stoked! My due date has changed now, to January 2nd, 2010..which is ironically my favorite Auntie’s birthday!!

Here are some pics of the pages I did today… You can tell I am excited about Peanut, as I already did his/her first scrapbook page!!!!

Sorry this post isn’t craft related..YET! We have our ultrasound tomorrow to see our little Peanut..and then I can scrapbook the picture, which turns it into a crafty situation!! We are so psyched..I am officially 8 weeks today…and even though I have been ill a lot.. I am finally on the mend! I also have a gathering with friends tomorrow night to craft, and I have a very special present for my friend Melissa…Gotta remember to bring the camera, as her reaction is gonna be awesome!! 🙂 🙂 Well, I finished one of the 2 sketches I posted Tuesday, and will maybe get around to doing the other one today..but I have so much to do we will see what happens!

Hope you are all well in BLOGLAND!



Well for those of you who know me, you know I like things I am re-arranging my scrapspace and cleaning it AGAIN..yes its that bad again..god knows how I get it as bad as it gets without completely going insane. Well this time, I am cleaning and purging as I go. If I havent used it in over 6 months (minus stamps and expensive items) its going in a box… I am excited to announce that the reaason I have the cleaning bug again, is because I am expecting.. we are due January 7th, 2010. I also am cleaning because Ian’s dad so kindly built me a custom stamp pad holder and I need to make room for it. It is one of the “Ken Thompson scrapbooking room” series…so far he has built me a 12×12 paper cabinet with 32 shelves, a custom desk that is tall, and huge, a modified version of the ever famous making memories embellishment centre, and now this. It will house about 6o inkpads, and is designed to fit the stampin up a re-inker! And of course, it is painted in flower box go with all the other custom items he has made me!! AWESOME!!! He rocks. I will be sure to post pictures of it once it is in my room..which will probably be in the next few days! YAY!

So, I am curious..what is your best tip for organizing? Do a bit at a time? All at once? Basket by basket? Im exhausted these days, and I have to do it in sections, because I just get too darn tired too darn fast! I am hoping to have it the way I like it by Saturday! I will be sure to post piccys for you guys in blog land.

I also want to do a shout out to my dear friend Lisa… Get Well Hunny.. I love you and miss your smile!

Ok..naptime for Zachary, and Momma might just join him! LOL! Then back to the room of doom (what I call my scrapbook cave when it appears to look the way it currently does!)


Cath has a challenge today to use “texture” …be it embossing, heat or dry.. glossy accents, glitter, flock..well you get the idea… this one’s right up my alley, as I love to give texture to things.. has an awesome sketch to use also has a sketch is a challenge blog that uses the Etsy shops as inspiration…this week is Alliebeans and here is the link to her shop :
and what I was inspired by were the colours in this pencil case…soft pink, beige, white and black… flowers and birds!!

Lots to do this weekend..heres to hoping I get it all done! I see some combinations in my future!!

Have a scrappy HAPPY Saturday,


PS I had stamp club last night and it was FANTASTIC!!!! I was hostess and the hostess rewards I recieved OH MY GOODNESS!! And we got to see the Mini catalog, not released til April 1st… OHHHHHHH Lisa, why didn’t you warn me of what was in it..its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! The girls wished me a happy HAPPY Birthday…and I got some new goodies…we also learned how to make spinner cards..using pennies and stampin up dimensionals..oh crap..I forgot to order some..grrrrr…next time!! Well off to try and create magic..enough rambling and bambling!!!