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Re-vamped room!

The pictures say it all..I revamped and reorganized!


here is the proof that mine does get messy too…and some other piccys too! 😉


Well, maybe its pregnancy, but I am just not happy with my room layout rightnow!! ARGGGGGGH! Cannot get inspired for the life of me. Sooooooooooo we are trying some MORE revamping!! I dunno what gives..maybe I have too much stuff.. I am just trying to find a way to make it all fit and be used!!

Room changes!

Well I cleaned and organized, as I mentioned before. I did some manuvering of things to make more space. I also made lil scallopped circles in various colours to tell me what colours of primas are in each jar. I was pleased with the result. I also had fun moving around my matte stacks of paper, on this cute new shelf I found at the thrift store. Sorted the brads into my spice rack containers as well! TFL!

new shelf!

So tonight I went over to the inlaws tohang out..and my shelf was done!! Look at all my inks and reinkers so nicely put in their little shelves!! SCOREEE!!! I cannot wait to order more inks, and get the in colours to add to my collection!!!  I am sooooooooo stoked!!! I love that all my inks are in one convenient location now! I took a pic of the 3 pieces Ians dad has built me to help organize my room! All in flower box pink!!!

An organized scrapspace! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH it feels so good to be organized…here are a bunch of pic results! I am very happy!!