Well here I sit, its March..wow… my baby girl is already coming up on 3 months in this world..and my son is growing like a weed as well. My marriage will celebrate 4 years this summer, and 5 years since we met! I cannot believe how fast time goes. I love making cards more than layouts lately, and you guys get to see what I create! I have so many ideas floating around in my head its fantastic, but hard to get them all out while taking care of my awesome children. I recently decided also, to not let the negativity get me down, but to strive forward to be a better me. I am still hurting, but learning that dealing with the hurt and letting it go, is alot better than holding it in.

On that note, a new spring leaf for me has bloomed. Great positive energy, fun challenges to complete, some awesome scrapbooking pages..all in all a great happy NEW SPRING!

So with a SPRING in my step, I say HAPPY CRAFTING!