Isn’t it crazy to think where time goes? I am going to be getting my crafty Cath self back sooner or later. For the time being, I ask for a bit of patience while I get better! I might do an odd challenge, or an odd project here or there, but really time isn’t on my side lately. I am now mother to 2 angels, one who needs to be fed and changed a lot more frequently than her older brother! She is also just getting over her 2 month shots, and very clingy and very grumpy! I hope that you will be patient til I get back!

Crafty Cath signing off for a bit and wishing you all the best in your creative endevours. And again, I ask for the negative comments to stop, I think I know where they are coming from, as they are all the same IP address.. and might have to change blogs and start new..which I hate doing but I will have to if this keeps up. Thanks again for the positive support for those of you who aren’t negative ninnys!