Ok so this weekend Ian let me pop into Michaels… as I haven’t been scrapbook store shopping in forever… I swore to myself I would not buy any of the following : a. stamps, b. punches and c. paper.  Well I ended up with 2 Martha Stewart border punches.. the drippy goo, and the icicle one. I have wanted the drippy goo for eons..and have never seen it locally, so I snagged a coupon opportunity!! So then I get home, with my new goodies..excited to play and I have lost my mojo. YIKES!  HELLLLLLLLLO Mojo? Where did you go? It was gone… I think it was somewhere in the abyss of my scrapspace..so I spent all day Sunday cleaning and reorganizing, as the previous post full of pictures shows. I then sat down to create.. and well whattya know? I found my mojo… I guess it was buried under all my STUFF! I am very pleased with the outcome of my room now, and hope to keep it this clean!!! In cleaning tho, I realized I do not need ANYTHING new…for a very long long time. The only 2 things on my wish list right now are A Childs Year and Ashlynn’s Alphabet from Cricut…and for those I will have to wait til they go on sale, as 129.99 is a bit much per cartridge!

I did make a scrapbook page last night, my gf found a pic of a layout she cased, and wanted us to attempt to do it. It turned out beautiful, and it is going to be framed and added to our picture wall in my front sitting room! I will post a picture of it later today!

Today is filled with my friend Marie coming out and stamping and crafting for a bit, then I promised Zachary I would take him to the park for a while! It’s all great and happy around these parts!

I have attached a picture of me at 20 weeks pregnant for you to see…its a picture I think I will scrapbook in the near future!