I cannot tell you how happy I am that the weekend is finally here! It seems like with Canada Day on Wednesday, it broke up the week, but made it feel like a short weekend, then Ian went back to work…so it stunk..lol! It does get alot better tho, hubby has to work tomorrow for a while..then we have our family portraits at 4pm, followed by DATE NIGHT!! YEEHAW! We are going to The Keg for supper, and then to see Transfomers in IMAX!! WOOT WOOT!! SOOOOOOO AWESOME!! I am going to craft tonight, and play with my goodies!! I cannot wait to get into my room and see what wonders I can create! I was invited last minute, to a wedding potluck bridal shower next week, and I think I will make the bride some thank you cards…what bride doesnt need those right? I don’t “know” the bride all that well..in fact, I have only chatted with her online..but my dear heart Elana is her maid of honour so she can’t be that bad *grins*! Melissa was supposed to drop my Stampin Up stuff off on Wednesday, but she was sick..so she might end up doing it tomorrow! YAY!

Well have a happy weekend, and to all my American friends… HAPPY 4th of JULY!