Well for those of you who know me, you know I like things organized..so I am re-arranging my scrapspace and cleaning it AGAIN..yes its that bad again..god knows how I get it as bad as it gets without completely going insane. Well this time, I am cleaning and purging as I go. If I havent used it in over 6 months (minus stamps and expensive items) its going in a box… I am excited to announce that the reaason I have the cleaning bug again, is because I am expecting.. we are due January 7th, 2010. I also am cleaning because Ian’s dad so kindly built me a custom stamp pad holder and I need to make room for it. It is one of the “Ken Thompson scrapbooking room” series…so far he has built me a 12×12 paper cabinet with 32 shelves, a custom desk that is tall, and huge, a modified version of the ever famous making memories embellishment centre, and now this. It will house about 6o inkpads, and is designed to fit the stampin up ones..plus a re-inker! And of course, it is painted in flower box pink..to go with all the other custom items he has made me!! AWESOME!!! He rocks. I will be sure to post pictures of it once it is in my room..which will probably be in the next few days! YAY!

So, I am curious..what is your best tip for organizing? Do a bit at a time? All at once? Basket by basket? Im exhausted these days, and I have to do it in sections, because I just get too darn tired too darn fast! I am hoping to have it the way I like it by Saturday! I will be sure to post piccys for you guys in blog land.

I also want to do a shout out to my dear friend Lisa… Get Well Hunny.. I love you and miss your smile!

Ok..naptime for Zachary, and Momma might just join him! LOL! Then back to the room of doom (what I call my scrapbook cave when it appears to look the way it currently does!)