WOW! What a fantastic vacation my husband and I had…it was full of everything from horseback riding, to wave surfing, to having toes nibbled by amazing fish! It was a fabulous vacation, and I will post some pics in this post as soon as my camera is charged.. I had to clear off memory off the PC to fit all 1069 thats right ONE THOUSAND and SIXTY NINE photos, but had to document all our awesome experiences. I wont post all of them, just a few for your perousal…but be prepared to see a lot of scrapbooking pages, as I am making an album devoted to our vacation!
I am hoping to get Zachary back on a routine tomorrow..hes kinda confused right now..but was extatic to see me today, and Ian of course.
Early bed tonight as we were travelling for 19 hours yesterday!
Big hugs,