Good Tuesday morning…after heading to bed with a migraine last night I thought today would
be a groggy day..but after 10 hours of sleep, I feel much better. It’s 8am and my lil guy is
still sleeping so I am checking out the daily dare to see what magic can be created
during his naptime!!! has an awesome sketch..I love Mercy
and her sketches!!! has a recipe to use a. something you’ve been hoarding,
b. flowers, and c. bling …well I can definately do that one…as one of the things I hoard
is my primas! LOL Another great sketch drawn by Madelynn..hard to
believe she is only 8 years old….

So there ya have it..this is what my Tuesday will consist of while Zach naps, plays etc…
I am so glad he is getting to the age where he can play alone (with me watching from a corner
of my eye! LOL) I have tried to insert pictures of the sketches, but unfortunately my lappy is being a pain the you know you will have to follow the links to get to the sketches..which is easy peasy. Anyhow, enough rambling, more creating!! See ya later today!
Happy Scrappy Days,