That Paris Hilton is releasing a scrapbook/craft line at CHA Winter 2009?! OMG!! What is the world coming to? I also heard that they are coming out with  Hannah Montana and Sponge Bob Square Pants cricut cartridges..well my money is safe from purchasing those!! YUCK! However there are a few that have the stamping kit with cartridge etc. Can’t wait to see pics of all of it next week.. only time will tell! I recieved MFT (MY FAVORITE THINGS) stamps in the mail today…I got Can ya Dig it? and the Rain or Shine set! LOVING THEM! Can’t wait to play and create with them!! I also found some rubber stamp sentiments and some cute baskets at my thrift store today, along with some other fun goodies for scrapbooking…I found a cool ziploc baggy full of a variety of lace (GREAT FOR CARDS) for 1.99, the baskets were 99 cents for 7 of them….an old school notebook with the big lines for learning handwriting (Ive seen this lined paper on layouts and cards, and loved it..) for 39 cents… and these really cool library pockets that say “From the private jukebox of ” with cards that insert in …I thought they might be cool to use on a layout or card at some point..they were only 99 cents for a big pile of them and they are self adhesive!!!!…page protectors for scrapbooking 2 1/2 packages…brand new for 3$!! WHAT A STEAL!! A package of these goes for 17$ at Michaels…lol…I am thrilled.. I also found new clothes for Zachary and myself…I found a gorgeous shirt I LOVED and a jean skirt which will be super cute on our tropical trip!!

Anyway, sorry that it started as a ramble on Paris Hilton, and ended on you knowing what I purchased! But hey…good deals..everyone loves to hear about em!

Updating this post with the pics I have seen of the new carts..and Im eating my words..I want the Hannah Montana based on the fonts that come with it! WOWZA