I dont normally post non craft related things on my blog…but today was a good and exciting day. It started at 10am when we dropped off Zachary at my in laws…we then headed to Wal Mart where they took the worlds worst passport photos of me and my husband. Then we headed into Edmonton, to Canada Place, with all our paper work filled out and all the t’s crossed, i’s dotted, guarantor ready to sign for us etc etc. So we get there, thinking this will be the longest, most boring day of our lives…we were in and out in…get this 15 minutes. From Terrance signing the guarantor part, and our pictures..to the people at the actual office filling it out, and registering it, and paying…15 minutes! WOW!! Holy heck..I cannot believe that it took only 15 minutes! We honestly were expecting a few hours at least…then we had a nice lunch at Canada Place and did a bit of Christmas shopping, a quick stop in at Costco for a pumpkin pie for tomorrows Christmas party at K&N’s…and home in time for dinner with the inlaws! Now to plan our trip! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am so excited for this…this is going to be our first trip since our wedding/honeymoon in Vegas…and we will be Zachary free for the whole thing. Now to decide where to go..and when! OMG! I cannot wait..all I know is that it must a. have all inclusive drinks b. have a beach c. be warm and swimsuit weather the WHOLE time d. a king size bed and e. my husband must be beside me!!!!